Power Your Intelligent Automation Journey with Our Supervity Platform

Intelligent Automation Modeler

1. Build your E-Workers with low code IA Modeler.
2. Our Low-Code IA Modeler is built on BPMN standards with native integration with Conversational AI, OCR, ML and RPA tasks.
3. Adding approval tasks for the Human-in-the-Loop flows is just a drag and drop action.
4. Complex automation workflows like Sales Order Processing and Customer Service can be built easily with IA Modeler.

E-Manager Console

1. Centrally deploy and manage enterprise wide digital workforce with E-Manager Console.
2. Deploys an auto-scaling digital workforce that can run multiple RPA tasks at once.
3. Provides detailed reports and execution logs including key metrics.

RPA Studio and Runtime

1. RPA studio is packaged with a rich set of actions that allows you to create an automation flow for any use case.
2. The Studio has actions that work with desktops, browsers, databases, secure FTP servers, PDFs, Microsoft applications such as Excel and Outlook and many more.

Conversational AI and NLP

1. Conversational AI performs chat and voice conversations with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders.
2. Conversations can be quickly built using our low-code IA Modeler.
3. Natural Language Processing engine can understand business documents, emails and conversations.

OCR and Machine Learning

1. Computer Vision-based Optical Character Recognition technology is used to extracting data from unstructured documents like scanned images, PDF documents, etc.
2. Our Low-code document trainer lets you train OCR models with out any Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning experience.

Security & Governance

1. Governance – Audit trail, logging and reporting designed to meet the compliance requirements of enterprises.
2. Enterprise Grade Security – Credential management with security vault integration.
3. Scalable – Multi-tenant architecture with On-Demand Scalability.
4. Reliable – Best-in-class high-availability SLAs across all Cloud deployments with 50+ Data Residency Regions to Keep Data safe.
5. Compliance – Frequent third-party audits to verify customer data protection and comply with industry and regulatory requirements.
6. User Management – Role Based Access Control, User API and LDAP Integration

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