A single pane of glass to manage your governance, risk and
compliance data, and collaborate between teams

An Integrated Solution for your GRC Management

RisqVU-GRC features simplified and practical risk management workflow, audit management workflows, and user awareness management under a single collaborative automation framework.

It also churns out multiple information security management metrics, ready-to-use compliance reports, and visual risk analysis, so management teams can get necessary insights on risk posture, risk assessment outcomes, risk treatment progress, and compliance levels of the organization in a glimpse.


Get an eagle’s eye view over compliances


Untie the knots of complexity over GRC functions

Security Awareness

Create end-user security awareness programs like never before

Central Audit

Fuse your internal compliance auditing and reporting

With RighIT’s state of the art GRC management platform, you can easily centralize and standardize your GRC operations.


Smart Risk Management

With RisqVU, you no more need to find a needle in a haystack as it is organised with industry specific requirements.

Shorten compliance and certification cycle

Shorten your timeline for common certification and compliance standards including HIPAA, ISO27001 and NERC with finely tuned RisqVU GRC’s processes and workflows.

Audit Module

With RisqVU GRC’s audit engine you can self-evaluate and upload your data and audit evidences. It also automates the end-to-end audit life cycle process of planning, audit execution, evidence collection, reporting and action tracking. So it’s the end of your labour work.

Awareness is a paramount in IT Risk Mitigation

With IT at every corner and its security at risk, RisqVU-GRC can help you sustain with its advanced security and risk awareness in various risk mitigation strategies.

Reduce your compliance certification maintenance

With RisqVU-GRC, centralize the compliance implementation and monitoring process through consolidated asset and risk data, monitoring, audit, and reporting modules.

Ready to get started

Embed Cyber Security Deep into your Organization