Capabilities and counsel that give you confidence in your Application Security posture

Meeting the difficult challenges of today’s application security environment demands expertise and experience. Latest data breach at Office of Personnel Management and Target are good example that demonstrate threat exists across the industry segments. Our cybersecurity experts focused on application level security and provide organizations with actionable plans that reduce risk and costs while increasing compliance.

Our experts' knowledge, experience and business acumen provide the subject matter expertise needed to reduce risk, enable efficiencies and improve your organizations application security posture.

  • Identify and understand your critical application security risks
  • Define your future state and develop a strategic road map to address application security risks
  • Transition your enterprise in the most trusted, integrated and efficient manner possible.

RIghIT’s Cyber Security Consulting delivers proven solutions in these specific areas:

  • Planning and Discovery: Our security experts will review your application security needs to discover or affirm your specific requirements and applicable statutory requirements ( like PCI compliance etc). We will then determine which “entry point” of the Cybersecurity Consulting service is right for you.
  • Performance Analysis: We will conduct a resource, literature and historic performance review, which can include generating a application security compliance report. We will also assess the processes, technology and readiness maturity levels within your organization.
  • Interviews and Metrics: To gain a holistic perspective of your needs, interviews will be conducted with selected representatives throughout your organization, not just security-related personnel. Our consultants will establish scorecards of reference so alternative recommendations can be compared.
  • Projections and Recommendations: RighIT Solutions’s broad background and experience allow us to perform research on successful security efforts in your industry and for your systems. We will brainstorm techniques and applications that are best suited for you and conduct micro-tests or pilot appraisals where possible.
  • Reporting and Follow-On Planning: Our consultants will prepare a briefing that summarizes our conclusions and recommendations in advance to the final report. The report will include a summary analysis of your application security risks and circumstances, a comparison of solution actions and recommendations, and a road map to help you achieve your desired end-state for specific application or portfolio.