A big data security analytics platform that allows
for early detection and faster remediation of cyber threats

Identify Cyber Threats Sooner

ADR is a Big Data based cyber security solution that helps discover unknown threats through statistical models, machine learning algorithms and visual analytics.

The tool also helps in automated triage based on contextual, historical, and external threat information to prioritize alerts for active response and remediation.

Easy to Use Asset Management

Customized Dashboard

Advanced Analytics

Ticketing Sub-system

Threat Management

Don’t escape from your threats; manage it

Asset Management functionality available with RisqVU ADR is simple to use and offers flexibility while defining assets.
Some of the key differentiators are:

In-built Asset Repository

1. Automated asset discovery
2. Connectors to connect to common asset management platforms
3. Ability to de-duplicate and manage information of the asset

Security Levels Classification

1. Security levels classification of assets through built-in Questionnaires and workflows.

Holistic Asset Centric View

1. Threat and Vulnerability Risk Status and historical information around assets in a single place (Asset 3600 View)
2. View linkages to other assets

Alert Management

1. Alert analysis using automated rules
2. Workflow for alert analysis using escalation matrix
3. Repository of mitigation actions
4. SLA monitoring and management
5. Alert distribution through email and SMS

Analyst Workbench

1. Automated report creation and distribution
2. Centralized storage and archiving of reports

Report Management

1. Creation and customization of dashboards by users (My Dashboard)
2. Role-based access to view overall threat status

Threat Dashboard

1. Support for 10+ external feeds
2. Automated analysis of asset risk or reputation of IP


The time you think of analytics it’s time to think of RisqVU as it is fully loaded with various rich features and fonts.
Its advanced capability makes you visualize not only the graphs, trends in multi dimension but also shows the greater risk of threats and vulnerabilities.


1. Ability to create custom queries for defining metrics
2. Automated reporting and tracking of defined metrics

Multi-dimensional Visualization

1. Interactive charts to query Threats and Vulnerabilities
2. What-If Analysis

Secure Data Mining

1. Search for malicious activities
2. Identify abnormal patterns
3. Support for drilldown for in-depth analysis

Risk Prioritization

1. Risk prioritization done based on
2. Network propagation path and asset linkages
3. Correlated threat and vulnerabilities

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